Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2017

Paul Berthon Salon Des Cent French Art Nouveau

Paul Berthon - Salon Des Cent - French Art Nouveau Poster (1895)
Salon des Cent ("Salon of the One Hundred") was a commercial art exhibition in Paris, based at 31 Rue Bonaparte. The Salon sold color posters, prints and reproductions of artwork to the general public at reasonable prices. The salon held exhibitions until 1900. Many of the posters advertising Salon des Cent exhibitions have themselves become collectors' items.
 Paul Émile Berthon was a French artist who produced primarily posters and lithographs.Berthon's work is in the style of Art Nouveau, much like his contemporary Alphonse Mucha. Berthon studied as a painter in Villefranche before moving to Paris.

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